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9 hole course

That's right there's always time for 9 at Sandown. Come and play our main 9-hole Eclipse course (named after the famous Coral Eclipse race at Sandown). You'll be able to get around in an hour and a half.  


Tucked away behind the hedge on the range you may not even know it exists. At 2871 yards for 9 holes (5742 for 18 holes) it's a decent length and ideal if you're looking for a quick 9 holes after work or the weekend.


There are three par 5's the longest being the 8th hole at 498 yards so you'll still need a good couple of shots to get close to the green. There are three par 3's the hardest being the 6th at 202 yards with out-of-bounds running all the way down the side of the hole. It can spell trouble for any sliced shot.


We have water on three holes.  The ponds on the 3rd invite you to hit over them with your second but any misjudged shot can easily land in the water. 

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