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  • Can I cancel my tee time?
    Yes you can cancel your tee time no less than 24 hours in advance please email us at In the first instance we'll offer a credit against a future round of golf.
  • Do I need a handicap to play?
    No, there is no requirement to have a handicap to play golf at Sandown.
  • What's your dress code?
    Collared shirts or polo style shirts are preferred. No football shorts or tops, no vests or cropped top, no jeans. Golf shoes or flat soled trainers must be worn, no heeled shoes. Tops must be worn at all times even in hot weather.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    No whilst we're all dog lovers at Sandown I'm sorry to say we don't allow our four legged friends on the Golf Course, they are welcome in the bar/cafe or the patio
  • Can I hire clubs and a bag?
    Yes, we have clubs and bags available for hire from the bar.
  • What your policy on refunds for bad weather?
    Unless the course is closed we don't offer refunds or credit for cancelled bookings due to bad weather.
  • Single Players
    We do allow single players at Sandown but reserve the right to add additional players to your tee time when we are very busy. Single players should wave larger groups through if your are holding them up and we would expect larger 2, 3 or 4 ball groups to wave single players through if they are being held up.
  • Can a junior play on the course?
    Yes, juniors over the age of 13 can play unaccompanied on our courses assuming they are sufficiently competent at golf and the etiquette of the game. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied at all times.
  • Can a non golfer walk round with me?
    No sorry, everyone on the course has to have paid a green fee irrespective of wether your are playing or not. Exceptions are carers for disabled golfers or blind golfers.
  • Can I play 18 holes on the Masters Par 3?
    The BRS booking system does not allow for 18 hole bookings on the Masters Course. For those wishing to play 18 holes please make a separate booking for 9 holes.
  • How long does it take to play Sandown?
    That rather depends on your level of proficiency. We allow 1hr 50 minutes for a 4 four ball to play our Eclipse Course and 1 hour for a 4 ball to play our Masters Par 3 course.
  • How do I get a handicap?
    When you become a member of the Golf Centre we'll give you contact details for our ladies and men's competition sections. They can help you gain a handicap and will advise on the Surrey and England Golf Union Fees that have to be paid.
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