We've decided to reopen our Galloping Mini-Golf Course with some restrictions to help with social distancing and to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. 


In proceeding with this booking you are confirming that you have not had (in the last 14 days) Covid-19 type symptoms. You must adhere at all times to the restrictions and measures that we have put in place for the safety of our customers and staff. Sandown Park Golf Centre cannot be held responsible for Cover-19 related symptoms as a result of failing to follow these measures.


1. Please Arrive 10 minute before your booked time

2. Confirm your booking in the Clubhouse make payment

3. Collect your putter and balls in the Clubhouse

4. All putters and balls have been sterilised

5. Bookings have been spaced out at 15-minute intervals to maintain social distancing around the course

6. All hole cups have been inverted to allow for easy retrieval of your balls and avoid touching the flagstick.

7. Adults are responsible for the safety of their children and ensuring they maintain a 2-meter gap to other users of the course.

8. Please return your putters and balls to the bin in the Clubhouse.

9. After you finish your round please leave the Golf Centre promptly

Galloping Golfing fun for the whole family

2nd hole top shot
12th hole winners enclosure
3rd hole jockey caps
2nd hole saddle
Top shot Galloping Mini Golf

Come and play our 12 hole mini-golf course. The first in the world to be themed around horse racing. Start in the parade ring and work your way around the obstacles. Putt through the saddle barrel. Line up in the stalls, under starters orders and they're OFF. Putt through the hurdles and jumps and stay off the rails on the loop obstacles. Neck and neck for the finish line. The winners get crowned in the winners' circle. 

Galloping Mini Golf prices