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Membership Terms & Conditions

Updated 1st January 2021

GENERAL – Golf Club (the club)


The Club is operated by CGA Sandown Ltd (the Company). It is a condition of acceptance of membership that the member agrees to pay the fees where applicable and agrees to be bound by the Membership Terms and Conditions.


PAYMENTS: Payments can be made in full by cash or card either at the Club or online. Membership renewal fees are due 12 months after the date of joining. All joining fees, subscriptions, levy and other receipts shall become the property of the Company. If membership is cancelled at any time before the renewal period the Company will make no refund in respect of any monies paid during that membership year.


TERMINATION: The membership of any member may be terminated: -BY THE COMPANY without notice in the event of such member committing a serious or repeated breach of the Club’s Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time.  By notice in writing if any payment owing to the Club by the member remains unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment. Upon not less than 30 days’ notice in writing if the Company believes that the membership is not suitable for continued membership of the Club. There is no obligation on the Company to give a reason for such a decision.


TERMINATION BY THE MEMBER: Termination of the membership must be given in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of the annual renewal.


LIABILITY: The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for accident, injury, misadventure unless caused by its own negligence. All members and their guests and visitors are responsible for making their own insurance arrangements in respect of injury suffered or caused by them or caused to them by any third party. The Company does not accept liability or responsibility for the loss of or damage to property or motor vehicles belonging to any member, their guests and visitors. Each member is responsible for making their guests aware of the Club’s Terms and Conditions, golf course etiquette and ensuring that their guests are aware of their own insurance liability. Any dispute or difference which may arise in regard to the interpretation of these rules shall be determined by the Company whose decision shall be final. The Company reserves the right to vary, revoke or add to these Terms and Conditions from time to time at its absolute discretion. The failure of the Company to enforce any of its rights at any time for any period shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights.


MEMBERSHIP: The Company reserves the right to reject any application for membership of the Club without giving any reason. The membership is personal to the member at the location for which membership is granted and cannot be transferred. The Company may assign the benefit of this agreement to any person, firm or company at any time without notice to the member. (cont. above). To qualify for the discounted membership renewal price your membership must be renewed within one month of the renewal date otherwise the standard membership price will apply.


FEES: A membership charge shall be payable for membership which will be reviewed annually. The current membership fee will be displayed on our website


ADMISSION: Every member shall be issued with a golf bag tag. Members must display their tag on their bag on each visit to the golf course. A charge will be made for replacement or lost membership tags.


DRESS: Appropriate dress must be worn at all times within the Club and on the course, which complies with the ‘Dress Code’, which is displayed on the members notice board. It is a condition of the Club that soft spikes are to be worn.


COURSE CLOSURE: There will be occasions when play is not possible due to localised flooding, racing, corporate or society days taking place. On such occasions, no refunds or allowances will be made against memberships.

ONLINE BOOKINGS: It is a requirement of membership to book online tee times via the BRS system. Members are responsible for ensuring they have booked a tee time for themselves and their playing partners whether their playing partner is a visitor or member. Each member should ensure they have 'checked-in' at the Clubhouse prior to teeing off. 

VISITORS - Members may be issued with a guest green fee card which can be used for free rounds of golf for their guest. The members must present their guest card in the CLubhouse to claim the free round of golf. Failure to present their card will result in their guest being chargee the applicable green fee. 


CONDUCT OF MEMBERS: Members and guests are expected to behave in a manner appropriate for a high-quality golf club and respect the etiquette of golf. Golfers are under a duty to take reasonable care to avoid causing injury to other golfers and members of the public. Golfers may be liable for any damage caused to surrounding property. Any incident of injury or damage caused must be reported to the clubhouse immediately. The clubhouse is available to the use of members, their guests and visitors. Mobile phones are not to be used on the course but may be used in the clubhouse, respecting, of course, other members and guests.


OTHER: The hours during which the Club is open for use by members are displayed in the clubhouse.  They may change from time to time or for bank holidays, maintenance or groundworks. The Company will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the golf course is available for use by members during such time as the golf course may be open, but there may be occasions when the course may not be available for reasons beyond the control of the Company or occasions when it is considered dangerous to play e.g. during thunderstorms.

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